AnaFocus best asset and guarantee is doubtless its extraordinary human team consisting of +50 specialized, committed, methodical, while curious and passionate, engineers and PhDs expert in the design and manufacture of image sensors as well as camera hardware (PCB), firmware (FPGA), optics and vision algorithms.

AnaFocus was founded over 100 years of pioneer research in CMOS image sensors and VSoC architectures with the ambition to become a long-term partner of leading companies sharing our same philosophy "developing leading-edge imaging or vision solutions shaping the future of the industry"; and today is a reality.

AnaFocus is fully committed to innovation and dedicate all possible financial ane human resources to the research new technologies in cooperation with private and public partners

The technologies under research today includes Gated sensors for ToF, pinned APD, TeraHertz sensors and 3D integration.

Partnerships provide someone else with whom to experience the challenging lows, and the ecstatic highs; another person in the trenches, another person to pop the champagne.

Because AnaFocus recognises the value of partnership we developed a solid network of excellent partners, today working together as one company to protect our customer´s interest.