Our Philosophy

AnaFocus was founded over 100 years of pioneer research in CMOS image sensor design, high-speed low-noise mixed-signal system on-chip design, and image-processing algorithms; therefore, we love innovation and challenges.
When it is about developing new image sensor architectures for customers willing to push one step ahead the commercial state-of-the-art in imaging technology we are methodic, serious, and cautious, but at the same time innovative and passionate like no other company.
Results speak by themselves: The fastest camera SoC for scientific applications, the lowest noise and highest HDR camera SoC for high-end surveillance camera, the two first complete vision systems on-chip for industrial machine vision applications, and a vast track record of intellectual property protection in concepts ranging from pixel design, readout channel topologies to entire system on-chip concept; and this is only the beginning.
AnaFocus participates in a number of national and international R&D projects where, in cooperation with key semiconductor companies, new technologies are generated with the ambition to shape the future of image sensor market.  
We are part of our customers
We understand how tough is for our customers making the decision for designing a new custom image sensor solution, and how much they put in risk. For this reason every time we are selected as a partner for a new development contract we put the skin in the project. First silicon success is our commitment.
We research our customers’ products portfolio, we listen carefully to their needs and to their end-product concept and we fight to make it the best-in-class. We always support our customers from the definition of the concept until the final product is in the market and running; and once running for several more years to support upgrading and/or improvements.
Our goal is providing end-to-end support to our customers in all areas related to the product embedding our camera SoC or VSoC; for this reason we not only invest in developing new technology for SoC design but all aspects of vision in general.
Quality is not an option
Quality is first priority for us. For this reason all our internal processes for the design, development, test, and marketing of CMOS imaging and vision products are ISO 9001.2000 certified.