LS4k Line-Scan Image Sensor

June 08, 2012
LS4k Line-Scan Image Sensor

The LS4k is a high-speed CMOS system-on-chip (SoC) line-scan image sensor optimized for applications requiring short exposure times and high accuracy line rates.

It incorporates on-chip two pixel lines consisting of 4,096 7 µm-pitch pixels and 2,048 14 µm-pitch pixels respectively, high-accuracy (12-bit) high-speed (84MHz) analogue-to-digital (A/D) conversion, and sophisticated on-chip optical calibration for PRNU, DSNU, and lens shading correction.

The CMOS line sensor array utilizes active CMOS pixels with pinned photodiodes to deliver high image quality whilst maintaining the size, cost, and integration advantages of the CMOS technology.

Windowing or sub-sampling allows achieving a maximum line rate of more than 80,000 lines-per-second (lps) for 500-pixel window.

Key features
 * 84 MHz throughput
 * Dual pixel-line with pinned photodiode:
  - 7 µm active-pixel, resolution 1 x 4,096 pixels
  - 14 µm active-pixel, resolution 1 x 2,048 pixels
 * Global-shutter with programmable exposition time
 * 18,180 lps at full resolution
 * PRNU below 0.7 %
 * DSNU below 0.03 % FS
 * 0dB to 30dB programmable gain
 * Pixel binning for increased SNR
 * Line windowing and sub-sampling with faster line-rate
 * 40-lead ceramic package
 * 700mW maximum power consumption
The readout path also permits CMOS pixel binning for the 14µm pixel (1x1 up to 4x1) for increased SNR.

The line-rate, image sub-sampling, windowing, binning, exposure time, gain, and other image processing features are controlled via the sensor configuration register.

The LS4k incorporates an SPI port to communicate with an external host device and three high-speed LVDS ports for data output. 

The reference voltages are generated on-chip from an internal band-gap reference. No external components are required. A power-down mode is available for low current consumption when the device is inactive.

Technical Specifications

Imager size 28.91 mm (H) x 35 µm (V)
Active pixel
1 x 4,096 (7 µm pixel)
1 x 2048 (14 µm pixel)
Pixel size
7 µm x 7 µm
14 µm x 14 µm
Pixel type 4T active-pixel with pinned photodiode
Shutter type Global with programmable exposure time
Line rate
18,180 lps (4k-resolution)
32,870 lps (2k-resolution)
54,850 lps (1k-resolution)
82,400 lps (0.5k-resolution)
Dynamic range
65 dB
45 dB (7 μm pixel)
48 dB (14 μm pixel)
53.5 dB (14 μm pixel, 4 rows binning)
Saturation exposure (@ 550nm)
20 nJ/cm2 (7 μm pixel)
17 nJ/cm2 (14 μm pixel)
NEE (@ 550nm)
11 pJ/cm2 (7 μm pixel)
9 pJ/cm2 (14 μm pixel)
Peak response (@ 550nm)
210 DN/(nJ/cm2) (7 µm pixel)
250 DN/(nJ/cm2) (14 µm pixel)
Image lag < 1 % FS
PRNU (uncorrected) < 0,7 %
DSNU (uncorrected) < 0.03 % FS
Programmable gain 0 dB to 30 dB in 1 dB steps
Programmable offset [0, 1023] DN12-bit
Image processing PRNU, DSNU and lens shading on-chip correction
Package 40-lead ceramic IDK package
Power supply Dual 3.3 V/1.8 V
Power consumption 700 mW (maximum)
External clock 12 MHz
Operation temperature -30 ºC to 70 ºC

Please contact us to request your evaluation kit and receive information about pricing and conditions.

1 x 4,096 (18,180 lps)
1 x 2,048 (32,870 lps)
1 x 1,024 (54,850 lps)
1 x 512 (82,400 lps)
LS4k Line-Scan Image Sensor