Eye-RIS Vision System-on-Chip

June 18, 2012
Eye-RIS Vision System-on-Chip

High-speed, monochrome vision system on-chip (VSOC) providing a single-chip solution from image capture to decision making while running at thousands of frames-per-second.

Eye-RIS VSOC combines image capture, advanced image processing, and decision making at high frame-rates all in a single-chip solution.

Eye-RIS VSOC connects with USB 2.0 and has several user-definable general purpose I/O pins. Eye-RIS VSOC is programmed in C language and is accompanied with an intuitive application development kit including a complete set of image-processing libraries



  •     176 x 144 resolution monochrome image acquisition with exposure as small as 20nsec.
  •     Single-chip vision solution combining image capture and processing at very high frame-rates
  •     UART, 2xPWM ports, 16-bit LVTTL GPIO, Trigger, USB 2.0 and JTAG Controller
  •     Dual 3.3V/1.8V supply
  •     700mW typical power consumption
  •     Dimensions: 45mm x 45mm x 26mm

Please contact us to request your evaluation kit and receive information about pricing and conditions.

+10,000fps in case of binary output
Eye-RIS Vision System-on-Chip