Lince5M Area-Scan Image Sensor

April 18, 2013
Lince5M Area-Scan Image Sensor


Lince5M is a digital high-speed image sensor designed for excellent performance in a large variety of applications ranging from low-noise high-dynamic range surveillance, to high-speed high-resolution machine vision.

Lince5M incorporates a high-speed 5.2Mpxl CMOS active-pixel image sensor providing global electronic shutter and High Dynamic Range (HDR) features.

The sensor array utilizes active CMOS pixels with pinned photodiodes to deliver high image quality whilst maintaining the size, cost and integration advantages of CMOS process.

The pixel response can be configured for either linear light response with 58 dB or for high dynamic range piecewise linear response with more than 100 dB dynamic range; both with global shutter operation.

Lince5M incorporates sophisticated on-chip functions, as:

  •     Pixel windowing and sub-sampling
  •     Linear / HDR-sensing
  •     FPN correction
  •     Defective pixel correction
  •     Per-colour selectable analog gain (in colour version)
  •     Per-colour fine digital gain and offset
  •     Microcontroller for high-level command interpretation and statistic-image-information-based sensor control.

All these functions are programmable easily via on-chip microcontroller or standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

Lince5M includes 24 LVDS high-speed outputs allowing transferring the image data up to 16.59 Gbit/sec plus 2 LVDS for clock recovery and image synchronization respectively. In Lince5M CMOS output version includes 16 CMOS PADs for applications.

The whole system runs with an external clock of 9.6MHz. All the required timing and reference voltages are internally generated minimizing the need for external components. It includes a power down capability for low power dissipation.

Lince5M is very versatile and can operate in a spread range of applications. Its configurability allows to work with very high frame rate and moderate power consumption and with low frame rate and very small power consumption.

Lince5M offers the possibility of reducing the number of active LVDS/CMOS ports when either the frame rate of the output word-lenght is reduced. This minimizes the complexity of the required external set-up.


Generic high-speed high-resolution machine-vision inspection and intelligent transportation systems.

Technical Specifications

Active Pixel 2,560 x 2,048
Pixel size & type 5 µm pixel-pitch active-pixel with pinned photodiode
Shutter type Global with programmable exposure time
Maximum frame rate 250 fps @ 2,560 x 2,048
Dynamic range 58 dB
Maximum PRNU  0.5%
Maximum DSNU 50 e-/sec, 10 DN12-bit/sec
Fill Factor x QE (λ=550nm, CFA & µ-lens) 63%
Sensitivity (λ= 550nm, gain x1, CFA & µ-lens) 6 V/(lux-sec), 13.400 DN12-bit/(lux-sec)
Throughput 16.59 Gbit/sec
Data Output High-speed LVDS PADs (x24) or low-noise CMOS PADs (x16)
On-chip Image Processing HFPN, VFPN, Auto-Black Level control, Defective Pixel Correction, Point-to-point transformation, Per-color digital gain and offset, Global analog gain
181 micro-PGA ceramic package, LVDS output
84 CLCC ceramic package, LVDS output
90 CSP (Chip Scale Package), CMOS output
Power supply 3.3 V / 3.2 V / 1.8 V
Power consumption 2 W (Maximum. Reduced power consumption for slower operation modes)
External clock 9.6 MHz
Operating Temperature
-40ºC to +125ºC (junction) (Operating temperature)
Performance measured at 25ºC junction temperature, analog gain x1, λ=550nm and μ-lenses.
Performance may degrade with temperature. Maximum recommended junction temperature is 70ºC.


2,560 x 2,048 (250 fps)
Lince5M Area-Scan Image Sensor